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Stonewall Jackson 2 clip art
Stonewall Jackson 2
200 x 318
Theadore Roosavelt clip art
Theadore Roosavelt
262 x 378
Washington at Princeton 1777 clip art
Washington at Princeton 1777
600 x 425
Washington at the Battle of Trenton clip art
Washington at the Battle of Trenton
600 x 439
Washington Booker T clip art
Washington Booker T
350 x 433
Washington Crossing Deleware clip art
Washington Crossing Deleware
500 x 294
Washington portrait on horseback clip art
Washington portrait on horseback
280 x 381
Washinton Enters NY clip art
Washinton Enters NY
460 x 318
Webster Daniel clip art
Webster Daniel
350 x 401
Wiliam Penn clip art
Wiliam Penn
315 x 360
William Penn 1 clip art
William Penn 1
411 x 360
Wyatt Earp 2 clip art
Wyatt Earp 2
210 x 277
William Cody Buffalo Bill clip art
William Cody Buffalo Bill
291 x 360
93 files on 2 page(s) - Public Domain Clip Art, Images, Pictures, Photographs, Graphics.

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